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Emerald Business Solutions, LLC is a leading provider of credit card and debit card-based, gift and loyalty and check payment processing services to merchants located across the United States. We are pride ourselves on being the processor-of-choice for a wide variety of business types and merchant sectors including retail, restaurant, wireless/mobile, hospitality, mail order, catalog, medical, internet, government, business-to-business and other. Our commitment and reputation has been built not only on our state-of-the-art solutions but our dedicated staff and award-winning customer service.

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Members Processing plan

Do you want to save money on the Merchant Service fees you pay for credit card processing? 

Interchange-plus pricing. No surprises, 100% transparency.

It’s the fairest pricing model in the industry, with flat and fixed margins, so you always get a fair deal. No long-term contracts, no hidden fees.  Our credit merchant services pull away the veil most merchant providers and merchant processors put up. Instead, we provide a credit card processing service that business owners can be proud to use for their credit card merchant accounts.

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Keeping Your Cost Low

Emerald Business Solutions works with thousands of merchants in retail, who need low rate credit card processing. That’s why we offer a low merchant rate, with fixed margins of 0.25% and $0.10 per transaction above Interchange for payment processing fees. Plus, no long-term contracts!

 Since we only operate on the Interchange-plus pricing model, you always get the lowest rates, and our margins are clearly spelled out.

Low, fair terminal pricing with easy leasing terms

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Introducing Clover Flex

Meet Clover Flex

Get to Know Clover Flex

Key Clover Flex Features:

  • Clover App Market - Over 250 business apps for Clover Devices
  • Fully featured portable solution that accepts EMV, PIN entry, NFC, and swipe
  • Embedded printer, camera, QR scanner and 3G/WiFi enabled
  • Electronic signature eliminates the need to keep track of receipts and helps prevent future chargebacks
  • Battery can last a full day without a charge
  • Fully integrated with complete line of Clover devices
  • Accept all types of payments from magnetic stripe and EMV® credit and debit cards to contactless—all
    without additional equipment or complicated software
  • Take an order in-line and close it at the counter, complete checkout anywhere!

Suggested Clover Apps from the Clover App Market

Meet Insights

Insights Demo - Predict Sales with Insights

Insights Demo - Save Time with Insights

Insights Demo - Drive Sales with Insights

Clover online - take your products online with this app

What is Interchange-plus Pricing?

And how does this pricing model work?

It’s the best model out there

Emerald Business Solutions is offering the best pricing model for all the members of this group. Interchange-plus pricing works by adding a constant, flat margin on top of interchange.  So typically, Interchange-plus pricing models will also be written in the two component format, with a percentage fee and per-transaction fee above Interchange. This allows merchant service providers to price their accounts fairly, because merchants who process at higher volumes will pay more fees, but only proportionately so. The same goes for smaller merchants. By offering a constant margin, smaller merchants are not penalized for processing minimal amounts.  

We’re also committed to a fair pricing model that ensures our merchants know exactly what to expect. With our Interchange-plus pricing, you’ll get to see exactly how much money was paid to the card-issuing banks, how much went to the  card association, and how much went to Emerald Business Solutions.

What is Interchange?

It’s the underlying cost of a credit card sale. There are many entities involved whenever you process a credit card transaction. First, there is the acquiring bank, who Emerald Business Solutions represents. Emerald Business Solutions and other MSPs are referred to as Merchant Service Providers. As you will discover merchant services are varied, but the MSP always represents you, the merchant. Secondly, there is the card-issuing bank. The card-issuing bank represents the customer, and is the bank who physically issued the credit card to the customer who’s paying you. The final entity is the credit card associationsuch as Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. They are responsible for setting the rates at which these transactions process.  

Below are links to VISA and MasterCard interchange Rates

VISA Interchange Rates

MasterCard Interchange Rates

Jewelers Helping Jewelers special pricing, Interchange Plus pricing of 0.25% & $0.10 and statement fee of $9.99 a month.  

*all other applicable fees for a merchant account will be clearly printed on your Merchant Processing Agreement.

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