Hotel / Lodging businesses have unique processing needs that set them apart from other types of merchants.

Streamline the check-in/check-out procedure to process your guest's payments by leveraging one of many payment processing solutions Emerald Business Solutions offers for the Hotel / Lodging industry. We specialize in providing the most secure, efficient and easy-to-use solutions so you can spend time on running your establishment.

With Emerald Business Solutions, you will not only be able to accept credit cards, debit cards and checks, but you will also be able to process full lodging application data, including: check-in, check-out, folio number, date and arrivals. These systems provide for both smooth check-in and check out functionality as well as the ability to handle multiple authorizations against a cardholder's credit limit during their stay. Emerald Business Solutions supports front desk point of sale (POS) register systems and offers specific lodging applications on stand-alone credit card terminal systems. We sell both land-line and ethernet capable credit card terminals. Please view our products lists to view which terminal best suits your needs.

To learn more about Hotel / Lodging payment processing solutions simply speak to one of our knowledgeable sales representative by calling 1-888-593-0096 or Apply Now.