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Emerald Business Solutions, LLC is a leading provider of credit card and debit card-based, gift and loyalty and check payment processing services to merchants located across the United States. We are pride ourselves on being the processor-of-choice for a wide variety of business types and merchant sectors including retail, restaurant, wireless/mobile, hospitality, mail order, catalog, medical, internet, government, business-to-business and other. Our commitment and reputation has been built not only on our state-of-the-art solutions but our dedicated staff and award-winning customer service.


Clove Mini

It's 2018. You're going to need a new credit card terminal.

meet clover mini

Enter Clover Mini.

It's pretty, yes.  And if can do everything your old credit card terminal does. Such as:

             Accept credit and debit card payments

             Accept credit and debit card payments

                                     Print receipts

                                     Print receipts

                    Print and email closeout reports

                    Print and email closeout reports


Clover Mini is the most advanced payment terminal on the market. Accept a wide variety of payment types including:

                      Apple Pay                             (and other contactless payment                               types)

                     Apple Pay                            (and other contactless payment                               types)

                           EMV                                     (chip + PIN; chip + signature)

                          EMV                                    (chip + PIN; chip + signature)

      Credit, debit and EBT cards    (MasterCard, Visa, American                Express and  more)

      Credit, debit and EBT cards   (MasterCard, Visa, American                Express and  more)

                       Gift Cards                                       (physical and virtual)

                      Gift Cards                                      (physical and virtual)

But wait, there's more

A large touch screen, an intuitive interface, and the choice of Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (HSPA+) wireless connectivity makes transactions easy.

You can even add applications to manage employees and keep track of customers. Or plug in an integrated weight scale or a barcode scanner for a faster checkout.

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The flexibility to grow with your business

Feel confident buying a Clover Mini today because we'll be able to grow with your business tomorrow. Start with the basic Terminal bundle and upgrade to the Register bundle only when you're ready for it. 

Your dad’s terminal from 1992                 Clover Mini

  • Ability to accept multiple credit and debit payment types
  • Ability to accept multiple credit and debit payment types
    • Swipe (MSR)
    • EMV (chip + PIN; chip + signature)
    • Contactless (including Apple Pay)
    • PIN Debit
  • Manage tips and pre-auth tabs and cards
  • On-screen signature capture
  • Built-in printer
  • Front-facing camera
  • Barcode and QR code reading (using front-facing camera)
  • 2 connectivity options: Ethernet/Wi-Fi or Ethernet/Wi-Fi/3G
  • 7″ Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass display screen
  • Multiple layers of security:
    • TransArmor Solution to protect you and your customers
    • Mutually-authenticated SSL solutions
  • Swipe (MSR)                                                  
  • PIN Debit
  • Built-in printer
  • A dirty keyboard and a screen you have to squint at